Saffron is a plant of singular beauty, derived from the ‘Irise Family’, the Crocus Sativus - Its short life culminates in an all-too-brief regal flowering:-
A purple corolla providing a glorious backdrop to three long, Bordeaux Rouge Stamens (Stigmas).

Saffron, etymologically derives from Old Persian, ‘sa’ferân’. Historians date the emergence und usage of Saffron to 500 BC.

The heady smell of a Saffron field in bloom, once experienced, is impossible to forget. Fortunately, well-prepared saffron conveys much of that pleasure.

Each flower’s yield of three stamens are gently hand-picked:-
One Kilogram of dried Saffron represents 150,000 flowers, native to Iran and accounting for 95% of the world’s annual production where the saffron plant is cultivated on the country’s rich plains. From these magical fields comes the ‘World’s Best’ and the world’s most expensive spice.

Uniquely, Iranian Saffron is of a rich, dark autumnal-red colour and has a distinctive aromatic bouquet, bringing life to a host of very special dishes.

In accordance with House tradition, the finest pure Iranian Saffron, tetes de fleurs - the best - is exclusively held by Princesse d’Isenbourg.

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