Smoked Sturgeon

The Sturgeon has a unique taste and a texture to relish. Its prehistoric skeletal structure has one great advantage for the modern diner – completely devoid of any noticeable bones. The best Sturgeon has a fresh nutty flavour with a fine aroma. Of over twenty Sturgeon species, by and large, only five are sources of caviar and also offered as a lightly smoked delicacy. Each has an individual flavour:-
The Beluga, a profound meaty taste ~ The Oscietra, a strong flavour reminiscent of freshly roasted almonds ~ The Sevruga, a characteristic and slightly spicy flavour.

Princesse d’Isenbourg’s Sturgeon derives from fully sustainable, aquaculture Sources and then immediately processed, delicately smoked and prepared for the Gourmet’s Delight.

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